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Vibe is a totally new concept in lighting control, developed from the ground up using the latest computer and touch screen technology. It combines physical buttons and wheels for fast access with an extremely intuitive and flexible touch screen user interface users will be instantly familiar with from their smart phones and tablets.
Tired of not having enough playbacks or buttons in the wrong place? Fed up with trying to remember the syntax for the more advanced features? With Vibe these problems are history, you can have an unlimited number of playbacks and you can position them anywhere on the screen or have different screen layouts for different parts of the show. Only the main buttons you need all the time are on the panel, other buttons appear on the touch screen when you need them and if you get the syntax wrong, no problem, Vibe will prompt you to enter the information required. 'Invalid sequence' and checking the manual are a thing of the past, on Vibe this isn't necessary.
Vibe was designed to be capable of dealing with all your future lighting contorl requirements so it can handle up to 256 DMX universes and utilises the latest Intel i7 processor with separate graphics processor to ensure optimum speed. It doesn't stop there, we have Bluetooth and built in camera for communications, built in WiFi for wireless DMX and to enable you to save your show to a Cloud so you can access it from anywhere in the World.
It is time for a revolution, take a look at Vibe and you won't look back, you will be able to focus on your creativity and let Vibe take the strain out of lighting control.



  • Built-in 21.5" plus 11.6" HD multi-touch screen
  • Multi-colour illuminated numeric keypad
  • 4 linear encoders with colour displays plus illuminated trackball
  • 4 additional interactive rotary encoders and a vertical wheel for intensity control
  • 20 multi-colour illuminated multi-function buttons
  • Fully customisable and swipable drag and drop desktop layouts with virtually unlimited number
  • of playbacks positioned anywhere on the screen
  • Comprehensive effects engine accessed via graphical editor with multiple primitives, multiple patterns and multiple parameters



  • Output via Compulite VC's, DMX512A, (RDM), Artnet & sACN
  • 8 physical DMX ports expandable to 256 universes via DMX over Ethernet gateways
  • Dedicated graphics processor (GPU)
  • Windows 7-10 operating system
  • Show back-up to internal HDD, USB or Cloud



  • 8 x DMX 512 Inputs / outputs, XLR
  • 3 x DisplayPort
  • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports, RJ45
  • 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • SMPTE, Combo XLR3
  • MIDI in/thru, 5-pin DIN
  • Stereo audio out, 3.5mm jack
  • 2 x desk lamp sockets dimmable, XLR3
  • AC power input



  • Length: 1021mm (40.2in)
  • Width: 523.5mm (17in)
  • Height (closed): 155mm (6.1in)
  • Height (opened): 458mm (18in)
  • Weight: 26.7kg (60.0lb)